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Style/Conventions of Music Videos

In this post I will be introducing different types of music videos which I will be analysing. This post will include:
  • A definition of the type of style/convention of the music video
  • An example video supporting the definition
  • An explanation of why the institution would use that style or convention
  • How does it impact the audience and references to my own potential use of that style.

       Music videos

Hip hop

Bruno Mars uptown funk

Definition: Hip hop music consists of a stylized rhythmic music which usually accompanies with rapping. Usually have a lot of dancers and background extras. Setting usually expensive. A Lot of different camera language and creative use of mise-en-scene.

This is shown really well in the music video of Bruno mars “uptown funk”. We are firstly introduced with Bruno mars Wearing fancy shades and a salmon-colour blazer, Bruno Mars and Ronson and his team of friends/bandmates/backup dancers prowl around city streets grooving. This creates a party atmosphere for the audience when watching the music video and can in tracts with the audience to join in and dance. The use of the fancy 1960s sect and the old fashioned cars in the back creates more of a history statement. In addition the use of the camera at 1.07 and at 2.07 is very creative hence giving the audience a new taste of editing styles and new camera language therefore keeping the audience more exited as to what they are going to expect in the music video. If I had a chance to create a hip hop music video I would use the same camera language in uptown funk and make it very glamour’s.


Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

Definition: a form of popular music originating in the southern US. It is a mixture of ballads and dance tunes played characteristically on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and pedal steel guitar. Setting usually with a band in the field’s pubs country side.

This is shown really well in the music video of Kenny Chesney “She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy”. This music video truly represents the heart of country music for example at 1.06 we have the artist singing in a barn which is common in country music. His also wearing the full cowboy outfit including the brown hat. The use of the mise-en-scene of clothing represents the country life. In addition at 0.08 theirs is a typical country girl running in the fields while the man is on the tractor. This highlights the facts that men do all the work and the ladies are free. The audience will have knowledge of country music and how different it is compared to other music’s. If I had a chance to create a county music video I will have someone singing in fields with a guitar wearing a cowboy outfit.


Silento - Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

Definition: Dance music video features dancers dancing in any type of setting with the artist singing in the background or in front screen. Usually the dance moves becomes famous and viral.

The song “they watch me whip (nae nae)” is a great example of dance. This song combines with other dance moves as it creates a huge collage of dance history over the years. This is shown right at the beginning of the music video of people dancing. For example soulja boy crank that. The lyric of “they watch me you they watch me superman” comes from that song, this create an impact towards the audience as they already know that song and the moves of it therefore an audience is already there. In addition the music video also helped the song as they used a lot of dancers from different ages and therefore it made the audience connect with the dancers as the music video states that anyone can dance therefore creating personal identity. If I had a chance to use this style I would get the year 10s and 11s dancers to create a short sequence of a dance like for example in the music video chandelier by Sia, there’s a girls (maddie Ziegler) dancing around a room. I would like to replicate that and make it my own.

Performance concert and "as alive"

Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Video Official (Assim você me mata)

Definition: Performance concert and "as alive" music video features the artist or the band performing towards the camera or an audience at a stage event. This is regularly used in rock bands or solo artists as it creates an enthusiastic atmosphere towards the viewers who are watching the music video. This type of music video style does not use a narrative however they have a wide variety of camera language of the audience and the artist and this repeats throughout the whole video.

This technique is used well in the song “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” by Michel Telo. The video feature Michel telo singing his song towards the dancing female audience at a small niche concert. This is shown at 0.06, the frame denotes him singing towards the camera and pointing at the viewer. This connotes the sense of feeling that the audience back a home are at the concert as its shows the artist engaging with the audience by singing and pointing at them towards the camera. In addition the use of the different camera angles and special effects creates a more exiting mood towards the music video for example they used 6 different types of shots at 0.26 to 0.30 in that short bracket. This creates more of a fun mood. If I had a chance to create a performance video I would of used the drama studio or the school hall to create a concert and then had loads of people souring me and singing along with me.


Ed Sheeran - Lego House [Official Video]

Definition: The narrative is when it relates to the actions of the music video.

A really good example of this is ed-sheeren Lego house. According to music meaning Lego house is about an obsessive fan or someone who want’s to be Ed Sheeren or just want’s to change who they are, Possibly for a girl or just because they are unhappy with who they are, Rupert Grint wants to be Ed Sheeran. The lyrics suggest something similar almost exactly the same. This is shown when Rupert grint eats the same chewing gum of ed sheeren which highlights the obsessive fan and also when he goes on stage and acts like ed-sheeren but gets off stage by some of the bouncers. Towards the end his in shock as he sees the ed-sheeren. This creates an impact towards the audience as we get to know ed-sheeren personally and how this event actually happened to him during his tour. I could recreate this by having my very own issue and establish this in a music video. 


Rebecca black Friday

Definition: Lyrics are directly matched with the image.

This perfectly fits in with the song of “Friday” by Rebecca black. Every word she says its relates with the image therefore giving the audience the understanding of the clearing meaning of the song. For example “waking up in the Morning” she’s waking up in the Morning,”I see my friends” we see her friends in the car. The music video relates to her everyday routine o n Friday which links to the teenage audience.If i had a chance to recreate this i would get any song such as gold digger by kanye west and copy each action of the song and this could look really funny when creating the music video.


Yolanda Be Cool Vrs DCup - We No Speak Americano

Definition: This is when one media text copies the other media text.

This is shown in the song of “we no speak Americana” According to Wikipedia “ The official music video for the song, directed by Andy Hylton is a take on classic silent film comedies and features a Chaplinesque Italian protagonist in New York City, in a bid to raise some quick cash to propose to the young woman that he met earlier in the video.”This creates a positive effect to the audience as they are bringing back one of the greatest legends Charlie Chaplin into a music video and many people know him for his comedy and his silent movies. In addition the music video will already have a great audience as they are many Charlie Chaplin fans. This is greatly shown at 0.44 when he plays the piano and the sign falls of the piano. This therefore creates a comedy feel towards the viewers. If I had a chance to create an homage I will make a Charlie Chaplin short film as they use simplistic lighting and mise-en-scene yet it’s still realistic and still fascinating to watch as a view.


Nicki Minaj Aanaconda Parody
Definition: Parody is when they make a remake of the song and make it funny.

This is used really when in the remake of anaconda. They had copied everything in the original music video but they replaced the artist with someone else that we don’t know. The changed all the music lyrics and made it more funny for the audience and to the views. This creates a great impact for the audience as they can laugh towards the music video and be more entertained rather than just seeing the singer singing her song.This is what I found “Baker essentially rewrites music videos to make fun of the artists in them — which could be an entertaining premise. But Baker can rarely muster any kind of thoughtful criticism. Minaj is dumb, he says, half a dozen times. She’s a “slut.” A “whore.” A “skank,” even. She gets Botox injections and plastic surgery. It’s unclear how any of this amounts to legitimate criticism, let alone humor: It’s essentially just a string of misogynistic, slut-shaming insults, wearing the guise of a well-produced joke.”Some viewers my find the music video offensive therefore creating a negative effect to the institution. One why I could create a parody is to get any song and make it really funny.


Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
Definition: impressionist Imagery that matches the mood and pace of the song but not necessarily the lyrics.

This is used really well in the music video of arctic monkeys do you wanna know. In this music video they use an animation with different types of imagery which does not really relate to the music video therefore this creates a huge impact to the audience as it creates enigma and mystery as to what does the image link or mean. The intuition is creating a new meaning towards the music video as the images dose not correlate or relate to the lyric and therefore keeps the audience to the edge of the seat thinking what is the real meaning towards the music video and the lyrics. I could you this when creating my music video as it will keep the audience thinking as to what I’m trying to portray.

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