Monday, 6 July 2015

Three videos

In this post I will be introducing three types of music videos which I will be analysing. This includes classic + timeless music video, a music video which I hate and current favourite music video. 

              Different music videos
                   Classical timeless
Michael Jackson

The song thriller has simplistic editing techniques and basic camera language however the use of mise-en-scene creates a classical input towards the music video. For example the use of Michael Jacksons clothing at 4.25 which is a establish shot of his full clothing style.His clothing has been world famous as many impressionist or fans has copied his look for thriller also all of his clothing is exhibited in a museum in los angeles which includes some of his famous work such as “Bad” and “The way you make me feel”. This therefore makes his music a classic as over the years many people have copied his work of thriller and still remembered. In addition the dancing has also been copied and many parodies has been created over these years showing the fast growth of the popularity of thriller.
                   Current favourite
Big Bang 빅뱅

Information: Big Bang (Korean: 빅뱅; often stylized as BIGBANG) is a South Korean boy band formed by YG Entertainment. Consisting of members GDragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri.Bang bang was released on the 11th of June having  a current of 29,634,064 views.

This song really captures the true essence of j-pop as they used extraordinary mise-en-scene and fine camera language which is demonstrated well at the start to the end of the music video bang bang (뱅뱅뱅)by Big Bang. Throughout this music video there is continuous movements of pans, close ups and tracking which therefore makes the viewer more engaged and more involved when Watching the video. This is well used in the scene which is denoted at  0.18-0.28, the editing is fast and well constructed as they used mid shots and close ups within the continuous pan creating more of an exciting climax for the audience at the beginning of the music video. Another reason which I like about this music video is that the 

rapper T.O.P.  appears to have gone Pixar and recreated Toy Story with Woody and Buzz as the scene introduces a small battle between the two singers which recreates the movie scene of toy story of woody and buzz first meeting each other (0.33).The next scene follows up with Seungri who rises from the dust with his army creating a exiting atmosphere which suites with the build-up of the music hence creating a climax (0.47).Another reason as to why I like this music video is that they use flashy props which is common in J-pop music video and also there dancing captivities the audience to join them and dance. The dancing creates more of a party vibe towards the audience therefore they won’t be bored when watching the music video. Overall I would say the music video has great elements to engage with the audience and uses get mise-en scene and camera language to create an overall ‘fun’ factor towards the audience and therefore this music video has truly engaged me and as a result this is one of my most favourite music video of all time.
Disliked music video
Taylor swift

The video which I mostly dislike is Taylor swift shake it off. The reason as to why I dislike this music video is that they only used a green screen and they did not put that much effort towards the setting. They only had dancers in the background which I thought that it was quite silly and also boring. They did not have any special effects to create a more interesting video. The camera work is also not that amazing as they mainly had wide shots and a lot of the close-ups which featured Taylor singing towards the camera.At 1.31 the twerking scenes of close ups of an anonymous black female dancers is too much for me and does not relate to her type of music style. The twerking of the ladies does not really capture the meaning of the song “shake it of” however a positive side of this music video is that she does have other background dancers who actually are shaking through different types of dance genres which I particularly like about this music video.

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