Sunday, 13 December 2015

Production Log Twelve

This weeks production Log

Overall we completed our short film and received fab feedback from the teacher, I and my partner are really happy with our final product however we would like put in some sound effects and also make the antagonist look a bit more frightening by putting special effects.
During this week we also had concentrate on editing our short film "Antique" on final cut pro.We have completed around about 80% of our editing,this includes the opening of the short film,when she finds out that theirs something wrong with the necklace,When she comes back after throwing the necklace away and the ending scene of a little kid discovering the necklace.There is a small section left to edit which is the scene of me disposing the necklace.Originally we already had the shots of the disposing scene but when looking at the shots I was not satisfied as it was to simple and quite boring to watch.I and my partner decided to re-film these shot and make it more creative.

goodmayes park
Re-filming shots

We also have re-filmed a section of our short film,the disposing scene of the necklace.When we first recorded this scene the mise-en-scene was horrendous and also the camera language was not to great.All the shots did not work effectively and did not really connote any meaning towards the scene.It was very unclear.Therefore we re-recorded the scenes in a better location and added more camera language which actually would reflect her emotions in that particular situation.

We wanted to be very creative in this scene and therefore we wanted to add a 360 shot with jump cuts of the protagonist looking confused and scared as to what she will do with the necklace. I got this inspiration from my class students Simran Bhatti and Paman Uppal who created a 360 shot in their British social realism opening sequence "4WALLS".This is shown at 0.09-0.15.This was really effective in their sequence as how they did it and I would like to replicate that specific scene and create in a different way for my short film.

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