Sunday, 10 January 2016

Production Log Thirteen

In this blog post I'm going to write about what I did during this week,This will include the final editing of our production "Antique" and completing the ancillary products this week.

Hand drawn design of poster
Draft of  poster

Hand drawn magazine review
Draft of magezine
                                   During this week we had to complete our ancillary products!

This was our first initial idea for the poster and we have stuck with this design as you can see in our completed version.Overall this was very easy to create as my partner has the skills and experience using Photoshop and therefore this made the job easier for us when creating the ancillary ad therefore saved alot of time and effort.

Poster review

Feedback from teacher-

8-9/10 - When re-working the poster this could be 10 out of 10

+ A very professional look towards the whole poster
+ visually very attractive 

- Change names to be more conventional as we only used two names,
- "dare to collect me" should be bigger

- Bring the hand a bit higher as there's a lot of space on top of the poster. 

Magazine review

Feedback from teacher- 5-6/10

+ A very professional look towards the whole magazine
+ visually very attractive
+ layout overall very conventional

- Change text, needs to be more chatty
- Change images
- Paragraphs to long
- Enlarge the text
- Needs a quote next to title
-Remove some on the text as it unnecessary 

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