Saturday, 10 October 2015

Analysis of results

In this blog post Im going to write about my results which I gained from my questionnaire and voxpop.

Overall Results

The aim of this research was to gather information about our short film and if the general idea was good or bad. This helped us a lot when gathering the information as we opened our options more of creating a short film rather sticking to one option. For example making the short film into a possession horror short film. During this process of research we filmed our vox pop during lunch as everyone is free during that time and there is a wider age group to focus on rather than concentrating on one specific age group. 

Everyone chose the genre horror and that was a perfect choice to pick as we are both are doing a horror short film.This was therefore a popular choice and the audience is going to expect something spectacular when creating our short film. 

I think that the modern choice would work in our short film but we would like to make the protagonist in to a 50s classic girl but still adding a modern twist.such as the location to be modern and the use of technology.
I do like the idea of not revealing the antagonist but I would like to have a close up at the end of the antagonists face but not revealing to much as her hair would cover her face.

I think that I will be sticking with the black and white effect as I think it will look better using a classical olden time mise-en-scene look.

I think we picked good locations as we got similar voting and therefore we are going to stick with the top three locations.

Our female protagonist is going to be me,sundeep panag and thankfully through the voting they chose a female rather then a male as its hard to find a male actor.

I'm going to tick we both as i feel that the look is also important as the narrative.

This is going to help us alot as we are going to create a poster and the audience has decided to pick a old looking poster which will be fun to create on Photoshop.

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