Saturday, 17 October 2015

Short Film Poster

In this blog post I will be writing about the layout of a film poster.

This will include:

  •  what type of film poster I will be analysing.
  •  How is the poster constructed and why has the institution  selected the design?
  •  what audience is the poster targeting and what is denoted on  the poster to support this?
  •  what messages does the poster connote to the audience about  the film?
  •  Are there any elements of brand synergy carried from this  text into the film?

Below is a powerpoint covering each bullet point and also explaining the different types of conventions in a film poster.


Poster inspirations and ideas:

When creating this Power Point and trying to find different film posters on Google images. The film poster “Antichrist" caught my intention as I really think that this could relate to my short film latch.I really like how it does not expose that much of the narrative as they only use one object within the poster which is the scissors.When creating my poster I could replace the scissors with the necklace and put blood stains or blood drops drizzling down the poster. In addition I really like how they used the double exposer effect of the scissors and replacing it with two heads.Overall this poster is very simplistic but has so much meaning towards it and therefore I would like to create something as similar to this poster as it will create enigma and suspense towards the audience.

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