Saturday, 28 November 2015

Production Log Eleven

 In this bog post I will be writing about my production log

Filming at Portobello road

During this week we have started to edit our two scenes which we recorded last Saturday at the apartment at streatham hill. Looking thorough all of the footage we have demonstrated well to our examiners as to how well we use the camera and how we both broadened our creativity in filming, This was shown thorough the different shot types or different movements and angles we created. When uploading all of the footage I and my partner started to put everything in its right place and started to trim down and to create an continuity of each different shots. This took several of hours as we wanted every shot to be perfect. When looking at the rough edit of the short film we had a quick overview of the clip and wrote some notes down as to what needed to be improved.Here are some criticism which I and my partner wrote for my short film "some shots are to shaky,the lighting is to bright or to low at times,some shots are really not needed which is wasting time and duration of the short film". 

The criticism did not really affect my partner that much as he already  knew that the lighting would be way off at times,my  partner had a plan from the very beginning when creating the short film that he wanted to change the lighting saturation of each shot on after effects so that every lighting of the shot is fairly the same.We also resolved the situation of the shaky movements,after watching it again the shakiness created a more realistic approach to the short film as it creates a more of an  tensed atmosphere,it will be more boring if we used a static shot and it will not create any enigma or emotions towards the audience.Hence the jerky movements will make the audience more interested and involved as they will know that the protagonist is feeling very scared and therefore reflected of the protagonist emotion.

Recreating the institutional logo

New Logo which I created on fireworks

During this week I also recreated the logo as I felt that my partners initial idea for his logo did not really fit the style of our short film.I created the logo in fireworks as I felt more comfortable working on that programme as I  already have some  experience on working on the software.On my logo I created a silhouette of a girl whos holding a dolly and playing around with it,the girl is standing on a throne with leaves on it,This creates enigma as to who the girl is, why shes playing with the doll,and what is the thrones symbolising.All of the enigmatic symbols is therefore reflecting the name of the institutional logo "Enigmatic films productions" and it works effectively towards the audience as its creating mystery.I also created a gradient cone background to create mystery as on side of the logo is dark and the other side is much lighter and whiter.

Old logo
we needed some sounds effects in our short film and we did approach a website which had free sounds. This is going to be very helpful for us as we do need some sounds to put in the background such as creaking doors,wind noises and even breathing.breathing. These sound effects will make the whole film more realistic and also make the scene more interesting as some of the sounds will intrigue the audience and also scare them at times as it will create an sinisterly atmosphere.

We also going to have Music playing in the background,our teacher recommend us to use a noire opening style sequence for our short film music type. Here is an example we were looking at.

                                    We cant use this YouTube clip as its not free copy right music

Here is a free copyright music that I found on Royalty free music which is called "Fast talking".

If this sound track does not work then we are allowed to create our own soundtrack. 

Opening Sequence

For our opening sequence we would like to create a collage of antiques which we took picture for at the market.This will introduces the set of the short film which is a key convention. we would like to do something like this.



Today's filming was very stressful as the weather was not too great.Due to the high winds and rain the filming was very difficult.

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