Sunday, 1 November 2015

Production Log Seven

In this blog post I will be writing about my production log week Seven.

During this week we decided to change the name of our short film to Antique as we believed that latch was not suitable  to the short film. Antiques more relevant as the short film is mainly based on a  antique for example the necklace.

This week we had to complete our magazine review and our short film poster. With our short film poster we would like to keep it simple and naturalistic. We want to create enigma towards our audience when looking at the poster which will be conventional in short film posters as they don’t reveal too much. The film poster “Antichrist" caught my intention as I really think that this could relate to my short film latch. I really like how it does not expose that much of the narrative as they only use one object within the poster which is the scissors. When creating my poster I could replace the scissors with the necklace and put blood stains or blood drops drizzling down the poster. In addition I really like how they used the double exposer effect of the scissors and replacing it with two heads. We would also like to create synergy keeping the poster colour to red and back as our footage will be displayed as that colour.

For our magazine review we would like to make it quite simple as the film is only 5 minutes long and theirs not that much to talk about. We don’t want to expose too much of the narrative to the audience as it will kill the whole plot of the movie. Therefore we would like to put a whole image on the magazine review of the protagonist looking at the necklace, this therefore this will create enigma and it doesn't really highlight the fact that this short film is based around horror as theirs no horror elements showing on the picture, This will then shock the audience when reading the review as they did not expect a horror short film when looking at the image. We are also going to use the layout of empire magazine as its very conventional.

We also had to complete our treatment for our short film. We were given a Power Point which included everything we had to write in our final treatment. This included logistics, audience, our vision ect. Here is an example for our treatment idea, The target audience for our short film is quite varied, for example the typical audience for a horror film is people who are aged 15-34 years old, as this is where about 77% of the audience is, this is further split up by gender into roughly a 50-50 split, where roughly 55% of people who watch horror films are male within this age group. In terms of where they are located, they are in developed countries; however there isn’t a specific ethnicity that our film is targeted towards. Things that would interest our target audience would be intellectual films or unique/creative film. Therefore we believe that this will be suitable for our target audience. Our characters also a very vital aspect of a short film, we have deliberately chosen a very specific style for our character in terms of mise-en-scene. For example we have chosen a 1960’s style costume for our protagonist to connote that she is old fashioned and out of place in the modern world. Inaddtion I will be playing the role of the protagonist as I am cable to act as I’ve taken drama as a level.

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