Sunday, 15 November 2015

Production Log Ten

In this blog post I will be writing about our graphics and filming.

Filming:This scene of me looking at necklace as its not displaying on the phone

On a Saturday me and my partner including cast started to film on a Saturday. We travelled all the way to Streatham hill which was a two hour journey. As we arrived to the location we were very shocked and surprised. We thought that the location was going to be very big and spacious, however it was a very small apartment. It didn't really bother me as I though this will be a challenge for both of us as to how we will work around this situation. I like to take risks and try to conquer the situation and try to prove that I could work around any situation. As a result I did do that as I directed my partner as to what we will do around these small spaces and how I will act the scenes, my partner agreed to my directions as he did not know what to do when we first got there.

 The weather was an issue during filming as during mid-day it’s started to rain and the room became darker. My partner kept on complaining about it but I did resolve the problem as my dad gave me a torch which changes the light mode too high to low, This torch helped us a lot during filming and made our lightening better during filming!
This is the exact torch we used for filming which my dad brought for us.

Overall the filming went really well, the positives of the day will have to be the different shot angles we used, the acting, my directing of recreating the scenes and also my partners filming skills. The negatives will have to be the apartment size, and also my partner contribution was lacking at times but at the end we did resolve that and we successfully completed our two scenes.


When we completed all our filming  I and my cast had some cheeky Nando's and wafflemeister to get rid of all the stress!

                   Image result for nandos chicken burger

It worked successfully!!

Here are some more picture we took on the day
camera views girl on  the floor
This is me recording when seeing the girl on the floor

Institutional logo

During this week we started to create our institutional logo.The 
institutional logo is firstly introduced at the beginning of the short film "Antique".This will be the first thing which the audience will see therefore it will have to be eye-catchy and creative. We created the logo in Photoshop rather then using Adobe fireworks.We believe that Photoshop will create a more polish, clean,professional look towards our final completed film and therefore it will look more effective towards our audience as it will be more eye-catchy to read,rather then using fireworks which will have a more rough look towards it.

We called our institutional logo " Enigmatic Films",as we believe that our short film creates enigma towards our audience ,we have a variety of scenes in our short film which creates enigma,an  example of this is when she throws the necklace away and then she discovers the necklace is in the coffer,this creates enigma as to how the necklace even got their.Another example is when she taking pictures of the antiques and the necklace is not displaying on her iPhone,this then leads to the women on the floor with the necklace in her hand.This creates more enigma as to why the necklace is not showing on her iPhone and who is the women displayed on the phone.,this gives an audience an idea as to there's something wrong with the necklace which is the red herrings in our short film.Thus-we are creating synergy in both the film and the institutional logo as it has the concept of enigma.

We finally completed our institutional logo by putting slight effects towards it.We made this completely by scratch as we vector traced an a image of a reel and created dents to form a wave look towards the reel.

Opening Sequence

For our opening sequence we would like to create an animated opening sequence, we had many ideas as to what we would like to do for example creating a track in a antique shop with titles emerging from the sides which establishes the name of the director,actors and the title.But by doing little research of opening sequences I came across this template which I absolutely adored. I really liked the effects on the image and how they emerged.We could replace the pictures on the footage with antiques which will be taken by us.This footage also has a old fashioned vintage look which will fit perfectly in our short film
We would like to replicate this video and make it our own version.

Here is a animation of a ink drop,We would like to use this ink drop and make it as a transition for each different location we approach.An example of this would be at the beginning when we have her in the antique shop,we will then add the ink drop transition which will introduce the next setting which is her house.I think this will look really effective and it will interests the audience rather then watching a bunch of cuts throughout the short film.

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