Sunday, 1 November 2015

Production Log Eight

This week I will be writing about my production log of week seven

During this week I've been looking at different locations to film our short movie “Antique". I was given the role during the half term holidays to search for a location to film as we both believed that our houses are not suitable for the short film. I went on the website Air BnB as it affordable and cheap. During my search I did meet really friendly people and some impolite hostesses. Throughout our search of finding a house we listed down a few words as to what we wanted the house to look like, this included, modern, vintage, quirky and colourful. As a result I did find a total of 67 listings however some of the locations were outside of London and also too costly

When I found a location I sent out an enquiry to explain to them what we are doing, this include “Hi I was just browsing the Air BNB website and came across your fabulous home. Would it be possible if I could please film at your home for 2 days on 14th and 15th November? I am currently studying Media Studies at Sixth Form Chadwell Heath Academy and I believe this location will be best to film my horror short movie. The short film consists of a girl who has a hobby of collecting antiques and she comes across a necklace which later possesses her. I can assure you that no items or furniture will be moved in the process of filming the short movie as me and my partner have agreed that we like the layout of your house. During the filming there will be 2 other students this includes a child aged 12. If you would like more information in regards to this I would be willing to answer all questions. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards Sundeep Kaur Panag”. Overall we did get 25 responses with 15 rejections. This was quite a stressful process as some of them lied to us about the locations and also they gave us a fee to record for £100 pounds.At this point I thought that we will not get a location and we will have to film in our houses.This really stressed me out!

However we did receive good news from Nicola,At the end we did make a deal with the air bnb hostess, Nicola. She gave us a wonderful deal to film on the 14-16 of November for £45.Me and my partner were really happy to receive this offer as it is very affordable for both of us. We are also very thankful that she gave this offer as I was struggling to find a perfect location after being rejected many times on the website.

Below is Nicolas house

15 mins from Central London - Flats for Rent

Apartment in London, United Kingdom. This beautiful room is in a home near Streatham Hill station and is ideal for young professionals or people who want a base with great transport links for their London adventures. It's 15 minutes away from Central London and very close to Brixton... View all listings in London
 This house is perfect for our short film as its very quirky and modern and therefore this will relate with out protagonists personality.


In addition I also completed the shooting script as I was given the task to complete it.  We were given a shooting script with a minimum of 200 shots as I and my partner are creating a short film. The shooting script took me four days to complete as I wanted every shot to be significant for my film. My main inspiration for this short film was by pony smasher who created lights out, cam close and coffer. I wanted to incorporate these elements in to my short film and to create a unique twist within it. Overall I would say that the script is looking really good but my fear is the timing of each shot as I believe that it might over run more than a minute. If that happens then we will try to create faster shots at the beginning of the short film.

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