Saturday, 7 November 2015

Production Log Nine

During this week I had to focus on the logistic.

During this week I was given a sheet which focused on the logistics when filming our short film. This includes:

  • call sheets: This will help us and our cast to show up on the day of filming
When creating the call sheets we did have a problem as to how the weather would be during that day.We first wanted a sunny day as we both wanted that the audience will not know that the film is going to be based around the genre horror and therefore it will create enigma. But I and my partner did resolve the issue that if its a rainy day this will create pathetically which will be reflected upon the atmosphere and the situation that she will be in later when taking the necklace.This was perfect choice for I and my partner.

  • Production schedule: This  schedule provides us a template of how the days will run during filming,editing and creating the products,this will outline or filming days and times

When creating the production schedule we already had fixed dates on the 14th and 15th of November as I booked the apartment on those days. On the 21st we want to record all the antique scene as on the Saturday their is more access in the market as everything is opened on that day.We are worried that there will be to much of a crowd but at the end of the day we wanted to create a vibrant atmosphere during the opening of the short film, as we wanted audience to be more involved and interested as to what is happening in the scenes.When we both finalised those dates we both realised that during the 9th-11th we are not doing anything.My partner had an idea to create the opening animation sequence and the logo of the short film which will save us alot of time rather then leaving it towards the end. Inaddtion during filming we would also like to take pictures for our magazine review and our poster to save us time rather then going back to our locations and taking pictures.

  • Location recite: This will highlight  our different locations which we will be using on the day of filming.This helped me also as to how I will be using the locations and why I will be using them.

The location recci was easy to create as we knew what type of location we wanted from the very start of planning the short partner and I chose an antique market which is in Portobello Road ,the reason why we chose this was that we wanted the protagonists personality to reflect upon the location.As our protagonist has a hobby of collecting hobbies and taking pictures we would like to highlight that through this location as it has a variety of antiques and funky stuff.We are planning to film on a Saturday as its the main day of shopping antiques plus it will include; Antiques Arcades, antiques stalls between Portobello Road and Kensington Park Road Portobello Green – more new fashion. In addition the market is packed with stalls from Westbourne Grove all the way up to and along Golborne Road, and across under the Westway out to Ladbroke Grove. This will be a perfect day to film as their will be a more of an atmosphere as their will be huge crowds during filming and we will be able to access more stuff on that day as everything is opened on the Saturday.Our second location is the apartment.The reason we are choosing this location is that we want the protagonists personality to reflect upon the house as shes really quirky and different.As our protagonist has a hobby of collecting antiques and taking pictures we would like to highlight that throughout house with quirky furniture and items .We chose a fun,vibrant colourful house which will look really good when film. Inaddtion their are many rooms to film in and its very spacious.Overall our main initial idea is that each location is reflected upon our protagonists persona.

  • casting: This will be highlight the different job roles and casting of our film.It will also include what they are going to do on the day.Overall we already knew who we wanted in our short film as we already chose that I will put myself for acting and also my little sister as we both have a background of acting experiences. I also created a page of what we would be wearing for the short film as it will  help me and my sister as to what look we are going for.

We have completed our logistics and hopefully we could start to film soon as possible!

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